Министерство транспорта Российской Федерации
Федеральное агентство воздушного транспорта (Росавиация)

Dear Applicants, please, be aware that all the exams and further training at our Institute are conducted in Russian.

Therefore the foreign applicants are expected to have a sufficient Russian competency in order to communicate fluently and to be fully engaged into the educational process.

engver class

Our Institute does not have a preparatory department to teach Russian,
but such departments are available in many Technical Institutes and Universities in Russia.

The procedure for foreign citizens’ application to UCAI higher education programs is regulated by the Russian Ministry of Education and Science
in accordance with the international agreements of the Russian Federation.

Foreign students study in groups together with Russian students.


engver classThe students are provided with a shared room in the Institute dormitory with a monthly fee. There are different sports and catering facilities available in the campus.

Foreign citizens can anticipate two ways to be enrolled:

a fee-paid contract (the most frequent)
a quota limit (scholarship), assigned by the Russian Ministry of Education and Science (a limited number).


A candidate, wishing to become a Pilot or an Air traffic controller (ATC) in future, and applying for such specializations as:
- Flight Operation Management (pilot, specialist, 5-year program),
- Civil Aircraft Operation (pilot, bachelor’s degree, 4-year program),
- Air Traffic Organization (air traffic controller, 5-year program)

engver healthcheckinghas to  undergo a medical check-up before the entrance exams
 to be sure they are physically fit .

For the details of the medical check-up requirements and  the Central Expert Aviation Medical Commission contacts see this website.


Attention! Foreign citizens with  foreign educational documents must verify those documents at FSBI GLAVEXPERTCENTRE before submitting them to the  Institute Admission Committee.


Foreign citizens’ application under a fee-paid contract

Foreign citizens applying under a fee-paid contract shall undergo the following admission trials:

- Mathematics (main subject)

- Russian

In case of a successful medical check – up and good entrance exams results the candidate is enrolled to the Institute and signs the Contract.

The total tuition fee depends on the period of studying and the specialization chosen.

The tuition fee may be paid in installments every 6 months.

The tuition fee is up- dated every year, so for the details of payment contact: Этот адрес электронной почты защищен от спам-ботов. У вас должен быть включен JavaScript для просмотра.

Foreign citizens’ application within the quota limit ( scholarship):

Foreign citizens and non-citizens (Russian expatriates), who want  to study in the Russian Federation using the federal budget funds within the quota limits assigned by the Government of the Russian Federation, must send their application documents to a regional office of Rossotrudnichestvo (or the Russian Federation Embassy) in order to participate in admission trials.

For ROSSOTRUDNICHESTVO regional offices see:http://rs.gov.ru/ru/contacts

For the Russian Embassy offices see: http://www.mid.ru/ru/maps.

All the documents are sent to EDU.RS.GOV.RU



There are two departments that carry out training and research activities:


1. Pilot and Air Traffic Controller Department provides Bachelor’s and Specialist degree programs in:


 Air Traffic Controller

2. Aviation Specialists Department provides Bachelor’s degree programs in:

Aviation Security and Search&Rescue,

Aviation Fuel Support,

Occupational Health and Safety,

Quality Management,

Airport Organization and Flight Operations Support